Team Profile

Martin Lovelock BEng (Hons) CGeol FGS MCIWM
Technical Director
[email protected]

Martin has overall responsibility for the technical work undertaken by TACCL. He has over 30 years of practical experience in ground investigation and environmental consultancy, particularly in the specialist areas of contaminated land, ground and groundwater investigation, ground remediation, landfill design and waste management.

He is a Qualified Person registered with CL:AIRE under the Definition of Waste Code of Practice and assists clients with the re-use and recovery of waste materials.

Martin has appeared as an expert witness in civil and criminal legal disputes (High Court, Crown Court and Magistrates Court) and planning enquiries. He has appeared in courts and hearings in Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Wigan and South Wales (Cardiff, Newport and Swansea).

Claire Gettinby BSc (Hons) PhD MCIWM
[email protected]

Claire leads the environmental permitting and waste planning team at TACCL. She is a Chartered Waste Manager and holds an honours degree in Environmental Science and a PhD in Wastewater Eco-toxicity.

Claire joined TACCL in 2003 after several years working in the hazardous waste sector, specialising in chemical waste treatment. Her areas of expertise include environmental permitting, waste treatment, wastewater treatment, landfill, industrial processing and waste planning including EIA.

David Killick BSc (Hons)
Senior Consultant
[email protected]

David has 25 years’ experience working in the waste management industry, 15 years as a consultant with TACCL. David holds an honours degree in Geology and a Certificate of WAMITAB Technical Competence, Managing Landfill Operations: Special Waste (Level 4) – LS4, 30 April 2001.

David is an Environment Agency approved CQA Engineer responsible for the supervision, management and validation of landfill liners, capping systems and landfill infrastructure at numerous sites across North West England. Dave also has experience across the site investigation, environmental monitoring and remediation sectors.

Judith Green BSc (Hons)
Senior Consultant
[email protected]

Judith has 13 years’ experience working in environmental consultancy, principally in the environmental permitting sector. Judith holds an honours degree in Applied Chemistry.
Judith started her career as a Chemist in the Home Office at the North-Western Forensic Science Laboratory gaining experience of a variety of physico-chemical techniques. As a scientific officer Judith was responsible for casework as a reporting officer and Authorised Analyst.

Judith joined TACCL in 2005 working principally in the environmental permitting sector. Her skillset includes undertaking environmental risk assessments, the analysis and interpretation of monitoring data, identifying trends and anomalies and provision of advice and guidance to maintain continued compliance with permit conditions.

Richard Smith BSc (Hons) MSc PhD FCIWM FRGS FHEA
Principal Consultant
[email protected]

Richard is a Chartered Waste Manager with operational, regulatory, local authority, academic and consulting experience gained since 1991.

Areas of expertise include technology selection and performance, environmental risk assessment, hydrogeological risk assessment, landfill completion, landfill gas management, anaerobic digestion, MBT, health and amenity impacts, odour management, environmental impact assessment and contaminated land.

He is a graduate of the University of Lancaster (BSc Hons Geography with biological science and mathematics), University of Sunderland (MSc Wastes Management) and Cranfield University (PhD Towards landfill sustainability). Richard is an Associate of the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Nottingham and has co-authored over 100 publications.

Michelle Birkett BSc (Hons) PGDip GCIWM
Senior Consultant
[email protected]

Michelle has 12 years’ experience working in environmental consultancy within both the contaminated land and waste sectors. Michelle holds an honours degree in Environmental Management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science.

Michelle started her career in Australia in 2005 working in the contaminated land sector for 8 years, and then continuing her studies in New Zealand. Moving back to the UK in 2014, Michelle joined TACCL where she works predominantly within the environmental permitting and waste planning team. Her areas of expertise include environmental permitting, waste treatment, landfill, waste planning including EIA, Computer Aided Design and contaminated land investigations and risk assessments.

Gill Ratcliffe MEarthSci (Hons)
Senior Consultant
[email protected]

Gill has over 14 years’ experience in the environmental sector, principally involved with landfill and waste. She holds an honours degree in Earth Sciences with an integrated masters award (MEarthSci). Starting her career on a co-disposal landfill site she attained a Level 4 Hazardous Landfill WAMITAB award, which has been maintained through the continuing competence scheme. Gill has a broad range of operational experience covering all types of landfill with active involvement in all aspects of environmental monitoring, leachate and gas management, environmental management systems, and the support of ongoing compliance of permitted sites.

Gill joined TACCL in 2018 after working for over 7 years as a principal advisor in the waste section of a leading building materials company, where she focussed on inert landfill and quarry restoration.