TACCL offers environmental permitting advice to find the best fit between site operations and the permits available, whether this is an “off the shelf” standard rules permit or a bespoke permit covering your specific requirements.

We carry out all aspects of environmental permitting work including new applications, variations, transfer and surrender, including production of all relevant reports, including:

  • Site Condition Report
  • Environmental Setting and Installation/Site Design (ESID/ESSD)
  • Groundwater and Surface Water Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Habitats Risk Assessment
  • Waste Recovery Plan
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Odour Management Plan
  • Pest Management Plan
  • Noise Management Plan
  • Bio-aerosol Risk Assessment for Composting Sites

Our areas of expertise include:


Our landfill permitting service includes landfill design and production of technical documents including Hydrogeological Risk Assessment, Stability Risk Assessment, Landfill Gas Risk Assessment (including GasSim modelling), and Financial Provision.

Waste Transfer and Treatment Operations

Transfer stations; Materials recovery facilities carrying out RDF and SRF production; Composting.

Hazardous Waste Treatment and Transfer

Physico-chemical treatment; oil recovery; storage and segregation of drummed waste; process design and risk assessment; compliance with S5.06 IPPC sector guidance.

Waste Recovery Permits

Finding sustainable and resourceful ways to re-use waste or recover wastes. Waste recovery assessment including feasibility studies, financial viability, production of Waste Recovery Plans for the deposit of inert waste for construction or restoration.

Aggregate Production According To The WRAP Protocol

Including production of a quality protocol manual and testing requirements. Production of factory control system and calculation of testing requirements based on processing time to comply with end of waste requirements according to the WRAP protocol for production of recycled aggregates.

Permit Compliance

Assistance with permit compliance: including satisfying improvement conditions and requisite reporting such as quarterly and annual reporting and Pollution Inventory (PI) reporting.

Environmental Management Systems

TACCL will produce a system detailing your operational procedures and controls, according to EA guidance, to comply with permit requirements for a written management system.

Mobile Plant Permits and Deployments

Completion of mobile plant permit applications and subsequent deployment applications; including risk assessment for sensitive locations.

Local Authority (Part B) permits

Completion of local authority permits for mobile crushing plant and small waste incineration plants (eg. Biomass boiler)

Surface Water and Groundwater discharge and abstraction permits

Including liaison with the EA, review of water quality and level data and submission of applications.